Shipping once per week. Thank you for your patience!


Please note that there might be some closed transportation connections during the pandemic.
Due to limited transport capacity, deliveries are subject to delays and flight schedules may rapidly change. Items are sent using the next possible connection. Delays may occur in some cases also where the item has been stopped and is waiting for onward transport. In many countries, items are also delivered less frequently than normal. Upon delivery, the signature should not be verified to avoid contact. Please make note of the discontinued need to verify the signature.
Packing & Processing
Due to the pandemic, I ship only once a week to protect my family.
I use the Finnish Postal service called Posti to send your items.
I aspire to use environmentally friendly packaging, for example, cardboard, brown paper and jute yarn. You should receive an email once I have shipped your goods. If you chose tracking, you should receive your tracking code in the email too.
Delivery times
These are Posti's estimated delivery times. Please note that coronavirus affects these estimates.

Nordic countries and Central Europe 3-7 working days
Rest of Europe 1-2 weeks
Rest of the world 1-5 weeks
The estimates do not include the time required for possible Customs clearance.