Before You Buy

Please read through this information to ensure a pleasant customer experience.

RABBIT FUR & HAY allergy warning
I share my home with a very kind and gentle french lop rabbit called Luppe. Because of this, I can not guarantee that the items purchased will be completely free of single instances of rabbit hair. I will do my best to lint roll every item before sending them, but an occasional hair may remain. Please take note of this if you have associated allergies. Also, as Luppe eats summer hay, and thus hay is handled daily in our home, people with exceptionally strong hay allergies may get symptoms.

Please allow 1-2cm variation in the measurements listed in each item's description due to the manual nature of the sewing process.

Please pay attention to the care instructions of each item. Some of the items cannot be machine washed since they might be constructed with multiple complicated materials which may bleed colour or shrink unexpectedly when washed with water.